TRS Tunnel Rebroadcast System

TRS  Tunnel Rebroadcast System
TRS  Tunnel Rebroadcast System
TRS  Tunnel Rebroadcast System
TRS  Tunnel Rebroadcast System
VDL’s Digital Radio Rebroadcast System for Tunnels enables tunnel operators to replace audio programmes with live or pre-recorded announcements, providing information and instructions in the event of an emergency.

The system monitors the live Ensemble for all current audio service configurations and automatically manages the replacement of normal programmes with the emergency announcement using the same audio bit-rate.  This ensures a seamless transition and avoids receiver reconfigurations, which would otherwise lead to a delay in the reception of announcements.

To prevent the need for receivers to re-tune, the system maintains RF frame synchronisation when switching between live programmes and announcements, thereby avoiding disruption to the digital radio signal.

Systems can be configured for multiple languages and for separate announcements in each tunnel bore.

The scalable design ensures that additional ensembles, audio channels and languages can be supported when new services are introduced into the transmission area.

The system is equally suited to new installations, or updating existing AM/FM tunnel announcement systems.

VDL’s Digital Radio Rebroadcast System is capable of meeting the requirements to rebroadcast DAB/DAB+ Ensembles and insert emergency messages.  The system’s seamless break-in of announcements and synchronisation of transmission framing ensures that listeners can be made aware of emergency situations with the minimum possible delay.

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