Product Range Summary

Product Range Summary
Product Range Summary
VDL deliver broadcasting technologies for Radio, Mobile TV and Network Providers. As both an experienced broadcast network operator and an equipment manufacturer, VDL are in the unique position to offer innovative solutions to our customers.

Head-end Products for DAB, DAB+ and DMB Networks

VDL’s encoding, multiplexing and distribution products have been primarily developed for use on VDL’s own digital radio networks and enhanced to meet the individual needs of our network operator customers in Europe and Asia.

This means that our customers benefit from operational experience on a wide range of networks with DAB, DAB+ DMB and data services.  The result is a high-level of functionality, ease-of-use, configuration control, reliability and remote maintenance.

Head-end Products include: DAB, DAB+ and DMB Encoders; Ensemble Multiplexer; ETI Splitter; ETI Redundancy Switch; GPS Clock.

In addition to Head-end products, VDL offer a DAB/DAB+ Rebroadcasting Emergency Voice Break-in System for road tunnels.

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