MyVDL is an innovative new online network management system that enables customers to access the status and management information of their VDL supplied services. MyVDL provides our customers with an unprecedented level of transparency via an easy-to-use website giving continuous, real-time access to their transmission and service status, including fault history and intervention requests.

    Welcome into My VDL


    MyVDL, allows our customers access information on all serious incidents or network dysfunctions that are causing a service loss.

    All status information and alarms are stored in a database, which is accessible via the MyVDL website.  MyVDL gives customers the ability to query the database and extract a range of information, including:

    • Alarms types and number running
    • Alarms types and number past, by period
    • On time information about the active running equipment on the broadcasting site
    • Direct access to the multiplexer configuration

    Supporting MyVDL, are our in-house developed supervision and monitoring system comprising TITAN software and CORADIS hardware.

    CORADIS is the latest generation of monitoring system that collecting alarms from the radio station site, from the link network, from the multiplex centre, from the transmission site, from monitoring equipment and at any relevant point along of the broadcasting chain. CORADIS also provides remote management of all equipment, including set-up, configuration and parameter changes)


    My multiplex monitoring


    TITAN software supervises all elements of the broadcast network, including contribution,encoding,multiplexing, distribution and transmission. TITAN manages the alarms, which are sent automatically, or after a human intervention, via e-mail or SMS.  One alarm can be send to one or many users.


    DAB zone control


    The TITAN and CORADIS Supervision and Monitoring system also supports the following activities:

    • remote control, diagnostic and maintenance of head-end, signal routing and transmission equipment
    • service quality evaluation with VDL monitoring and analysis equipment at the multiplexing centre and each transmission site

    MyVDL website has three areas for our customers:

    My Supervision

    • Consult the status of your network
    • View all technical information for each site and make changes
    • Request a free antenna trial and request updates on the status network servicing

    My Support

    • Track support requests, read incident reports and view historic incident reports. 
    • View multiplex information and make changes to the set up of the multiplex. 
    • Detailed error reports; descriptions, timings and when the error was corrected.
    • Receive alerts via email or SMS or both.

    My Account

    • Password protected access 
    • Online invoicing and check payment status 
    • Access network packages, contracts and tailor your network 
    • News and information from VDL
    • Send by email
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