TransInfo is an integrated system that provides a range of travel and other information for passengers in trams, trolleybuses, buses and trains. The information is dynamic and relates to the location and position of the vehicle.

    The system allows dynamic delivery of information to passengers as an additional data service on existing DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) networks.  A range of information can be sent to public transport vehicles on the move including: national and local information, public service announcements, environmental, safety and security, transport network information and journey specific information.

    In addition travel service providers can show further information of interest to travellers, such as: advertising, news, cultural, events and tourism.  The information displayed can be specific to the vehicle's location and direction of travel.

    This new system offers public transport providers the opportunity to improve the service experience offered to travellers. TransInfo provides passengers with information to increase awareness and acceptance of travel network disruption one of the major causes of traveller dissatisfaction. The in-vehicle information can be fixed or dynamic, catering for a range of needs for travellers and transport network operators.

    TransInfo has been in operation in Lyon (France) since 2008 on a number of trams and trolleybuses.  In 2010, an additional system was deployed on the new Rhone Express shuttle between Lyon Airport and the City centre.

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