Multiplexing Services

    Multiplexing Services
    VDL offer Transmission and Multiplexing services for audio, video and data content in DAB, DAB+ and DMB (Eureka 147) across Europe. While our combined Multiplexing and Transmission services are the most cost-effective solution, we also offer the same quality of service and levels of support for customers who choose our individual Multiplexing and/or Transmission services.

    To minimise capital expenditure when setting-up a new multiplex, or upgrading an existing multiplex, VDL offer cost-effective and flexible multiplexing and encoding services.

    With its synergy of competence and extensive experience in data processing and radio  broadcasting, VDL are continually developing innovative and up-to-date solutions in the field of digital radio.

    VDL’s encoding and multiplexing products have been developed for use on VDL’s own digital radio networks.  This means that our multiplexing services customers benefit from our own operational experience.  The result is that functionality, ease-of-use, configuration control, reliability and remote maintenance contribute to VDL’s customer-friendly quality-of-service.

    VDL’s multiplexing services are sufficiently flexible to provide our customers with a level of monitoring, supervision, management and control that is appropriate for each installation.  For example, this can range from VDL offering full management of the multiplex, to individual broadcasters being able to control their allocated capacity in the multiplex.

    The flexibility also extends to expansion of the multiplexing services, such as upgrading audio encoders from DAB to DAB+, additional encoders, or support for new data services, without the need for our customer to make any capital investment.

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