Service Level Commitment

    Service Level Commitment
    With our exclusive supervision and monitoring tools, VDL offer a high-quality broadcasting service.

    Our customers benefit from our extensive experience and expertise as a DAB and DMB broadcaster, equipment manufacturer and software developer.

    To provide a high-level of customer service, VDL have developed new generation of supervision (TITAN) and monitoring (CORADIS) systems.  These allow our customers real-time access to their transmission and service status, including fault history and intervention requests.  Customer access is via a web page and is available on a 24/7 basis.

    VDL’s Guaranteed Response Time option provides a 4 hour response to ensure minimum interruption to our Multiplexing and Transmission operations.

    With the combination of TITAN, CORADIS plus Guaranteed Response Time option, VDL provide the best quality service at a lower cost.

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