DAB transmission service

    DAB transmission service
    VDL offer Transmission and Multiplexing services for audio, video and data content in DAB, DAB+ and DMB (Eureka 147) across Europe. While our combined Multiplexing and Transmission services are the most cost-effective solution, we also offer the same quality of service and levels of support for customers who choose our individual Multiplexing and/or Transmission services.

    Our range of services


    VDL currently provide digital broadcasting services based on approved solutions in France and Belgium.  With technical teams in each country for fast access to transmission sites, VDL offer digital transmission services at a high quality level.

    VDL’s in-house developed supervision (TITAN) and monitoring (CORADIS) systems allow us to be reactive and transparent with our customers.  Moreover, our transmission solutions use well-known brands in conjunction with VDL own brand equipment for encoding, multiplexing and monitoring.

    With all of these benefits, VDL offer user-friendly broadcasting services with excellent value-for-money.

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