Know How

    Know How
    Through its experience and its competence, VDL offers innovative solutions to its customers. By developing new solutions, VDL wishes to bring them new business opportunities on the IT converging markets.
    A considerable Field Experience

    • Since 1984, VDL is a recognised supplier of FM equipment, sites and expertise for commercial radios.
    • Since 1998, VDL is also one of the three French DAB network providers who were allocated licenses to operate digital broadcasting.
    An Ackowledged Expertise

    • VDL has evolved over the years from its dual competence in broadcasting and computing.
    • VDL has been benefiting of the unique point of view of the end-user. This enabled the company to develop and enhance the innovative technical solutions that comply with the broadcasters' expectations.
    • VDL operates at any level of broadcasting and provides solutions and equipment meeting specific requirements.
    A Constant Thrive for Innovation

    • The French Agency for innovation, ANVAR, has been supporting VDL's R&D efforts for several years enabling the company to remain at the leading edge of progress.
    • Thanks to its competence in the field of DAB, VDL has developed innovative solutions to explore all the possibilities offered by the technology: it proposes now its all-in-one DAB/DMB multiplexer, D-VAUDAX and its audio (D-AUDIENCE) and video (D-EVIDENCE) encoders.
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