Since 1984, VDL stays as an open-minded company ! It has capitalized on its experience and on its competence through a permanent R&D effort to utilize and reveal new market opportunities.
    • 2010

    VDL acquire the majority share of VAD (Video Audio Design GmbH.) based in Dresden, Germany.  The acquisition adds RF monitoring technologies to VDL’s product range and transmission network supervision.

    VDL introduce 2 new tools TITAN and CORDIS dedicated for integrated monitoring and supervision of FM and digital networks.

    • 2009

    VDL acquire the complete broadcast product range of Somerdata Ltd. (Wells, Somerset, UK) with monitoring equipment and opens a new International Sales & Marketing office in the UK.

    • 2008


    VDL establishes the first transmissions in France TPEG and BIFS services on an SFN.

    VDL subsidiary, SDM System, begins trial of a new Transport Information System in trams and trolleybuses in Lyon.

    • 2007

    VDL establishes the first SFN in France to broadcast with T-DMB services.

    • 2005

    VDL establishes the first T-DMB network in France to broadcast mobile television and radio.

    • 2004

    VDL offer 2 complete ranges of encoders and multiplexers.  One dedicated to DAB Digital Radio (the DAB line), the other one to T-DMB (the DMB line).

    • 2003

    VDL establishes a digital radio (DAB) network in Paris.

    • 2002

    VDL introduce D-VAUDAX, the first multiplexer that includes broadcast data management, as an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for digital networks providers worldwide.

    • 2001

    VDL develop a system for control and remote maintenance of a broadband data network.

    • 2000

    VDL merges with BY DIRECT and develops its own DAB multiplexer.

    • 1999

    VDL builds a professional offer in the field of computer networks and microwave links.

    • 1998

    VDL is established as one of the three French digital network providers for radio.

    • 1997

    Development of a fully automatic and digital automation program for radio.

    • 1995

    Creation of the first web site for a commercial radio in France.

    • 1992

    Development of an automation program for radio stations, with complete parameter control.

    • 1988

    BY DIRECT establishes an in-house engineering department.

    • 1984

    BY DIRECT is established to meet the requirements of the new French commercial radio stations, as the access to the FM band becomes free.

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