VDL supports the roll-out of DAB+ in Germany with new Multiplexer Software Extensions

Thursday 28th April 2011
VDL supports the roll-out of DAB+ in Germany with new Multiplexer Software Extensions
VDL have released a new version of their Multiplexer Manager software for DAB, DAB+ and DMB audio, mobile TV and data applications.

The D-VAUDAX Ensemble Multiplexer is popular with customers due to its all-in-one capabilities, ease-of-use and Linux operating system reliability.  The latest multiplexer software release (1.2.34) features three new configuration options that provide an increased choice of input/output connectivity and remote Service Provider management.

EDI (Encapsulation of DAB Interfaces) is now supported for inputs and outputs.  EDI inputs can be single of multiple audio, mobile TV and data services.  For re-transmission of programmes from other ensembles, service drop-and-insert is supported for both ETI and EDI inputs.  Customers can also specify any combination of ETI and EDI outputs to provide maximum flexibility for distribution redundancy, as well as compatibility with existing ETI recording, monitoring and analysis equipment.

Service Provider Profile Management enables individual service providers to remotely manage their allocated multiplex capacity directly on the Ensemble Multiplexer.  This includes the ability for Service Providers to reconfigure and create reconfiguration schedules within their allocated encoders and multiplex capacity without any impact on other multiplex Service Providers.  This new option simplifies multiplex management and avoids the need for service multiplexers.

UECP provides compatibility with RDS encoders from 2Wcom for insertion of Traffic Announcements (TA) into the D-VAUDAX multiplexer.  The UECP option supports inputs via IP for TA, PTy, PNum, DLS and DLPlus.

VDL’s digital broadcasting product range includes audio encoders for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A), a mobile TV video encoder for Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) and an Ensemble multiplexer for broadcasters and network operators.  VDL also offer a range of test and measurement products for DAB/DAB+/DMB monitoring and analysis applications.


About VDL

VDL are an international Group of companies that delivers Digital Broadcasting Technologies for Radio, Mobile TV and Network Providers. The Group is in a unique position to offer innovative solutions to its customers as both a broadcaster and an equipment manufacturer.

Founded in 1984 in Lyon, France, VDL have established themselves as a leader in the field of radio broadcasting technology.  Areas of expertise include: Digital radio network provider, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and Digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) equipment manufacturer, FM broadcasting network operation and maintenance, plus public transport information systems.

VDL have built a strong reputation and extensive field experience from the supply, installation and support of equipment for FM and Digital radio transmission, as well as technical expertise in commercial radio applications.

VDL produce a range of head-end and monitoring products for DAB, DAB+ and DMB applications world-wide. As an experienced network provider and equipment manufacturer, VDL are in a unique position to offer our customers the most innovative solutions, with the best technologies, products, prices and support.

VDL offer complete broadcasting solutions, covering the whole digital audio/multimedia broadcasting signal chain, from audio, video and data encoding, multiplexing and logging, to signal monitoring and analysis products.

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