VDL Introduces a new ETI Monitor for Digital Radio Networks

    Thursday 28th April 2011
    VDL Introduces a new ETI Monitor for Digital Radio Networks

    VDL (Lyon, France) has introduced a new ETI (Ensemble Transport Interface) monitoring product in its DABSTOR product range. Designed for DAB, DAB+ and DMB applications, the new DABSTOR-E monitors the ETI data stream at the multiplexing centre, or at transmitter sites.

    Audio programmes in the data stream are monitored and an individual programme can be extracted and decoded. The Audio signal can be output as an analogue signal or monitored using headphones. All available programmes are shown in list form on the front pal display. Selecting an audio programme displays all relevant information for the currently selected programme.

    The ability to extract a single programme from the DAB Ensemble provides a cost-effective Audio programme feed for non-DAB applications, without the need to use additional transmission lines, for example: FM Audio programmes can be fed to transmitter locations or inserted into cable networks.

    DABSTOR-E is controlled via the integrated LAN interface. Windows PC Software provides detailed alarm monitoring. The software displays the content of the ETI data stream and the reads the ETI Monitor’s alarm memory. SNMP enables DABSTOR-E to be integrated into a network management system.

    Two relays and six GPIO contacts are provided for external signalling of alarms. Additionally, up to 7000 alarms with date and time can be stored in the system, without the need for a PC.

    About VDL
    VDL is a French leader in the field of radio broadcasting technology with business activities as an FM broadcaster, Digital Radio network provider and Digital Radio equipment manufacturer. The Company has been manufacturing equipment and operating transmission networks for DAB/DAB+/DMB in France since 1998.
    VDL delivers Digital Broadcasting Technologies for Radio, Mobile TV and Network Providers. As both a broadcaster and an equipment manufacturer VDL is in a unique position to offer innovative Digital Radio broadcasting solutions to its customers.
    The Company’s Digital Radio product range offers complete solutions, covering the whole digital broadcasting signal chain, from audio, video and data encoding, multiplexing and logging, to signal monitoring & analysis.

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