In 2014, France made one more step towards the Digital Radio broadcasting

Thursday 9th October 2014
In 2014, France made one more step towards the Digital Radio broadcasting
Last June, we announced the official launch of Digital Radio broadcasting in the cities of Marseille, Nice and Paris, completing the trials run in Lyon and Nantes areas.

Lyon, October 1st 2014


This launch matches with a European wish to see Digital Radio becoming the successor of the actual FM broadcasting.



A recent article, published in September by TVB Europe, headlined: "World Boom in Digital Radio". Germany, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Switzerland are experiencing almost complete penetration of Digital Radio. It has already reached almost 90% population coverage. In mature digital radio markets, like in the UK, household penetration is close to half of the population. Denmark, Norway and Switzerland are experiencing a market boom with a household penetration growth closed to 40%. Moreover, countries such as Norway (2017) or Sweden (2022) have already set a switch-off date for FM broadcasting.



In 2014, the Digital Radio international market is quite favourable to the “RNT” (French Digital Radio) launch. France might take some benefits from its European neighbours markets growth.



This fall, nearly 100 stations are available. The SIRTI (French Union of Independent Radio) announced that 98 programs were on-air within 3 months after the official launch of Digital Radio in Marseille (31) Nice (21) and Paris (46). Furthermore, we must include the 12 radio stations available in Lyon and the 13 in Nantes.



VDL, pioneer of Digital Radio in France and already in charge of the trial project, available in Lyon for the last 4 years, had launched four digital multiplexes since June 2014: Paris (1), Marseille (2) and Nice (1). A second multiplex is going to be deployed in the area of Nice.






The RNT, offering new spaces for creativity and innovation in terms of radio contents, gave birth to 23 new unreleased programs actually not available on the FM Network:

FG Chic, Radio Crooner, Goom Radio, Euronews Radio, World Radio Paris, Radio Mandarin d’Europe, Fréquence India, PIMG Radio, Medhi 1 France, 2RF Radio Russie France, LCF la Chine en Français, Radio Life, Goom Hits, Trace, Paname, Oui FM Collector, Positive Radio, On R, Radio Monaco, Radio Lina, Radio Azur, Radio Éthic and Zéro Six.

Since last spring, VDL and Continental AG are working together on a mobile trial in the city of Rambouillet, a few miles from Paris. This project must demonstrate that the RNT technology best suited to the future of vehicles market. Several international groups had already chosen Digital Radio as standard in their cars. In France, Nissan with the X-Trail range offer to their customers the opportunity to discover the advantages of Digital Radio.



Shortly, the CSA (the equivalent of OFCOM in France) are going to publish a report regarding the key points about the rollout of Digital Radio in France. After, Marseille, Nice and Paris, Lille and Strasbourg, due to their border situation with Germany and Belgium, should become the next cities covered in Digital Radio.

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