VDL Demonstrates New and Updated Professional Digital Radio Products at IBC 2013

Friday 20th December 2013
VDL Demonstrates New and Updated Professional Digital Radio Products at IBC 2013
VDL (Lyon, France) are demonstrating new and enhanced products for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB & DAB+) and Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) head-end and monitoring applications.

D-VAUDAX: Ensemble Multiplexer for DAB/DAB+/DMB networks

New 2U chassis, plus Service Linking and Journaline® updates

D-VAUDAX is now available in a new, compact, 2U chassis with an updated motherboard. The Linux operating system continues to provide long-term reliability and stability.

The latest multiplexer software release for D-VAUDAX includes a major update to support the new Service Linking use-cases defined in ETSI TS 103 176. This includes support for multiple LSNs.

Support for Journaline® data services has been added, with the choice of UDP/IP or FTP input.

The Service Provide Profile Management option provides a virtual Service Multiplexer. This option avoids the cost of additional service multiplexers and simplifies multiplex network management.

D-AUDIENCE-M: DAB+ Multi-channel Audio Encoder

New 12-Channel Audio Encoder with integral PAD Inserter and EDI output

The multi-channel D-AUDIENCE-M encoder for DAB+/DAB can be specified with up to 12 channels in a single, 2U unit. Audio settings are managed from D-VAUDAX Multiplexers and support a choice of 1+1 or spare-pool redundancy configurations.

The integral PAD-Inserter provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for adding DLS and Slideshow by eliminating the need for a separate data server.

Encoded audio streams are output to D-VAUDAX multiplexers via UDP/IP with packet-re-send error protection or EDI with a choice of packet re-send or forward error correction.

TRS: DAB/DAB+ Tunnel Emergency Voice Break-in System

New TRS Version 2 with major software update and integrated chassis

TRS enables tunnel operators to replace audio programmes with live or pre- recorded announcements, providing information and instructions in the event of an emergency. Break-in can be with live or pre-recorded announcements to provide safety information and instructions to vehicles in the event of an emergency.

Normal audio programmes are replaced by emergency announcements using the same audio bit-rates as the live programmes. RF frame synchronisation with the live transmission ensures a seamless transition and avoids receiver reconfigurations, which would otherwise lead to a delay in the reception of announcements.

TRS is available for 1 or 2 DAB/DAB+ multiplexes and 1 or 2 audio break-in languages.

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