New Corporate Profile Brochure from VDL

Tuesday 4th September 2012
New Corporate Profile Brochure from VDL
This new Corporate Profile Brochure provides an up-to-date presentation of VDL's digital broadcasting services and products.

Meeting Your Company Needs

From studio to listener

From studio to listener, VDL provides a complete broadcast service that is monitored and supported by our experts. We place customers at the heart of their network by offering a complete package of products and services.


VDL Broadcasting Services

The holistic broadcast solution

VDL offer combined, cost-effective Transmission and Multiplexing services for audio, video and data content in DAB, DAB+ and DMB across Europe and the world. We offer the same quality-of-service and levels of support for customers who choose our individual Multiplexing or Transmission services.


VDL Broadcasting Products

Products for the complete broadcast chain

VDL products provide a complete solution covering the whole digital broadcast signal chain from audio, video and data encoding, multiplexing, logging and signal monitoring & analysis.

VDL are acknowledged experts in the development of broadcasting products. We offer product evolution and enhancement from our in-house team of engineering experts and partners. End-to-end systems are configured to meet our individual customer requirements and we monitor technological developments so that our customers benefit from the latest innovations.

Up-to-date, comprehensive and easy-to-use products provide the maximum benefit to our customers. Reliable, stable and proven software and hardware platforms maximise our customer’s efficiency and make us the obvious provider for all equipment in the broadcast chain. Products are available for purchase or rental.

VDL provide friendly and efficient after-sales support, either directly, or via our international sales and support partners.

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