Premiere for VDL in Le Radio! 2007

    Monday 27th September 2010
    Premiere for VDL in Le Radio! 2007
    VDL will achieve the first live on-air broadcast of the additional audio codec for DAB in Paris during Le Radio! Exhibition

    During the Le Radio! Exhibition, which will be held in Paris from the 11 to 14 February, 2007, visitors will have the possibility of assessing the qualities of digital radio and mobile TV via a demonstration of DAB technologies set up by VDL. It is a question of broadcasting on the same multiplex:
    ·    T-DMB for the broadcasting of RTL and RMC radio programs and of associated interactive data;
    ·    T-DMB for the broadcasting on mobile TV of the BFM TV program (already broadcast on TNT) ;
    ·    DAB for the Le Radio! program, a specific service during the exhibition ;
    ·    DAB with the additional audio codec for the broadcast of 3 musical programs with different bitrates.

    This would be the first time in Europe since never before all technologies of the DAB family had been broadcast on the same multiplex.

    The great innovation is the implementation of the new audio codec MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2. Technical tests had already been realized in Great Britain and Australia but this is the first time a demonstration will take place on a professional exhibition.

    Radios broadcasting on DAB have always used the MPEG Audio Layer II encoding. With the new audio codec in DAB, broadcasters can benefit from much higher bandwidth efficiency which results in significant cost savings per channel and the possibility to broadcast more channels in a multiplex than before. The new audio codec is currently undergoing the ETSI standardization process and should be published by March 2007.

    "The adoption of MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2 as the new audio codec in DAB offers an opportunity for broadcasters to choose the best-of-breed technology for the best possible listening experience at the lowest possible bit rates," said Martin Dietz, CEO and President of Coding Technologies.

    Yannick ANDRÉ-MASSE, CEO of VDL ads: "We would like to make a point of thanking Coding Technologies for its invaluable collaboration in having made these demonstrations possible. We are pleased to see that technologies manufacturers such as Coding Technologies and DAB/DMB equipment manufacturers like VDL can work together in a tight and fruitful collaboration that will benefit to broadcasters at every level of the digital chain from encoding to multiplexing. "

    Summary of the various reasons for the new audio codec MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2 and its main advantages:

    ·    Up to three times as many stations using same amount of frequency;
    ·    Twice as efficient as DMB audio services;
    ·    More efficient use of radio spectrum;
    ·    Lower transmission costs for digital stations;
    ·    New receivers backwards compatible with existing MPEG Audio Layer II;
    ·    Compatible with existing scrolling text;
    ·    Compatible with existing multimedia services (visual radio/slideshow) and dynamic text applications;
    ·    Robust audio delivery.

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