WORLDDMB Announces ETSI Standard for DAB+

    Monday 27th September 2010
    WORLDDMB Announces ETSI Standard for DAB+
    WorldDMB, the international organization which promotes all Eureka 147-based digital broadcasting technologies, has confirmed that the additional audio codec for Digital Audio Broadcasting was formally published by ETSI yesterday (12th February 2007) as an official international standard. The name of the additional codec, DAB+, was announced earlier this month, and will be used by broadcasters, manufacturers and consumers all over the world.

    The international organisation WorldDMB has confirmed that the European Communication Standards Institute ETSI has published the latest of WorldDMB’s Eureka 147-based digital broadcasting technologies, which makes DAB+ an official, international standard. The standard’s ETSI specification number is ETSI TS 102 563 V1.1.1 and has been published under the title of “Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB);Transport of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio”.

    WorldDMB’s President, Quentin Howard, welcomed the announcement. “It’s good news that DAB+ has been approved by ETSI and that the standard has been published. DAB+ now joins the WorldDMB family of internationally approved standards.”

    DAB+ is an example of the unique scalability and compatibility of Eureka 147-based digital broadcasting. It allows current DAB digital radio stations (which use MPEG Audio Layer II coding) to be broadcast along with the additional DAB+, and enables regulators and broadcasters to implement Digital Audio Broadcasting with improvements in spectrum efficiency and lower per-station transmission costs. WorldDMB expects roll out of DAB+ services and receivers to begin in a number of countries where DAB is currently in trial phase or has not yet been licensed during 2007. New receivers, which are currently being developed, will be able to decode stations using both options for audio coding.

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