VDL wins regional contracts for T-DMB headend systems in Korea

    Monday 27th September 2010
    VDL wins regional contracts for T-DMB headend systems in Korea
    The successful collaboration between VDL and SMCNS, its local partner, allowed them to win the nationwide six regional MBCs contracts for T-DMB head end systems in Korea, known as the biggest single project in TDMB in the country.

    That performance was allowed because VDL hit the better scores in technical/support capability evaluations as well as pricing.
    With the MBCs contracts, VDL has become the market leader of Korea in terms of market share representing both broadcasters and meaning names such as government R&Ds centers and major commercial developers.
    Widely known for its innovative and easy-to-use products, VDL has attracted customers worldwide.
    The company is present in 20 countries and continues its commercial expansion abroad in particular in Asia. Moreover VDL and SM CNS will soon be present in Singapore at the occasion of Broadcast Asia International Exhibition from the 19th to 22nd June.
    As the first country to commercially launch mobile TV (in Dec. 2005), South Korea has also seen an important growth in the number of DMB receivers, which is now well over 4 million. This number makes South Korea the most successful mobile TV market in the world! And it is expected to rise even more with an increase in coverage, which has already begun earlier this year. VDL is reinforcing its presence in the Korean market with the rollout of T-DMB services across the country and contracts with regional broadcasters.
    Yannick ANDRÉ-MASSE, CEO of VDL: "We are proud to work with SM CNS, our partner in the Korea and Asian Pacific region since 2002. We look forward to an even stronger relationship with a business expansion in Asia. After recent sales in Middle East and before important contracts about to be signed in Europe, the news contracts in Korea make VDL to maintain its position as the largest references in the world".

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