2 products for DAB+ to fit all the needs

    Monday 27th September 2010
    2 products for DAB+ to fit all the  needs
    VDL, the manufacturer of DAB/DMB solutions with the largest references in the world, is again at the forefront of the technology. After its commercial successes in the world and most particularly in Asia with its DAB encoder, VDL follows its development with a high technology by marketing its DAB+ encoders in two versions : hardware and software.

    Once again, VDL innovate by proposing the first hardware encoder D-Audience+, besides the new software version D-Audience+S. Therefore, the range of products of the DAB line is now the widest offer in the market. VDL's DAB line is now composed by a DAB encoder (D-Audience) , hardware and software DAB+ encoders (D-Audience+ and D-Audience+S) and by a multiplexer ( D-Vaudax). VDL is the only equipment manufacturer on the market who can provide an end-to-end solution for digital radio with cost effective, reliable and up-to-date products.

    Thanks to its output which allows multicasting, the encoders can be installed remotely by an IP connection and the flow can be send to several multiplexers.
    The injunction of PAD is revolutionary and is much easier than before through TCP-IP. The                 D-Audience+ S is a multichannel encoder which allows providing DAB+ audio encoding function with superior audio quality. This encoder permits to broadcast up to 8 channels with only one equipment in a 4 unit box.

    Yannick André-Masse, VDL's CEO says: "Our customers trust us because our state-of-the-art technology enables to propose up-to-date products to fulfill their needs. All the DAB line products were made to adapt their demands."
    VDL can now offer the entire DAB line thanks to its unique experience acquired over the years as  a French DAB/DMB network provider. Thanks to this experience, VDL is present in the whole world with a DAB line now extended.

    Several customers of different countries have already asked for acquiring the new encoders              D-audience+ and D-audience+S, which will be delivered in the course of March 2008.

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