Italy: RAIWAY chooses VDL for its DAB+/DMB roll-out

    Monday 27th September 2010
    Italy: RAIWAY chooses VDL for its DAB+/DMB roll-out
    Palazzo Labia, the historic house of RAI in Venice, welcomed on Wednesday, May 28th an important press conference: the multiplex " Aeranti-Corallo1 " was put on-air on the Venetia area, using DAB+ / DMB digital radio.

    The President and CEO of RAIWAY, the public operator of the broadcasting networks for RAI, as well as the President of the association of commercial radios AERANTI and CORALLO, exposed the details of this event, in the presence of 17 radios which propose the services on the multiplex.

    VDL was selected by RAIWAY and AERANTI-CORALLO to supply the complete chains of encoding and multiplexing for the deployment of the DAB + / DMB digital radio in Italy, the multiplex of Venice being the first step only of it.

    All underlined that this is the most important commercial multiplex broadcast in Europe regarding the number of inserted services (16 in DAB+ and 1 in DMB-VR), and the only one to provide DAB+ and DMB programs in the same ETI stream.

    A second " Aeranti-Corallo2 " multiplex will be broadcast within the next few days.

    Marco ROSSIGNOLI, coordinator of the project for AERANTI-CORALLO, said: " These new techniques used for the digital radio, DAB + and DMB Visual Radio, allow to broadcast a higher number of services for every multiplex than previously. In this way, DAB + and DMB Visual Radio are the best mean for the radios to secure their transition from analog to digital. In fact, - he added - all the analog programs in Italy (RAI, 1000 private regional radios and 15 national commercial radios) can be digitally broadcast, in fair conditions, on VHF Band III.

    Marco ROSSIGNOLI thinks that, following this first deployment, the Radio Authority in Italy will quickly publish the new plan of frequencies and the regulatory framework for digital radio, before granting the digital licenses to the radios.

    Yannick André-Masse, President and CEO of VDL, said: " We are delighted that a first rank player in Europe as RAIWAY chose to operate our equipments for the roll-out of its digital radio networks. This recognition of our products as the reference in term of quality and performance is all the more important as it happens during a crucial stage of the process of digitalization of the radio in Italy. But beyond this personal satisfaction, this allows me again to underline that the family of the DAB / DMB standards meets more and more success on all the continents. DAB+ and DMB Visual Radio are two extremely effective technologies to insure the successful transition of the radio towards the digital technology. The T-DMB is moreover the standard also retained by France to achieve this indispensable transfer. "

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