More sales in Asia for VDL's mobile TV equipment

    Monday 27th September 2010
    More sales in Asia for VDL's mobile TV equipment
    Present worldwide and leading its market in South Korea, VDL announces new sales for its Mobile TV products.

    VDL and SNCNS, its local agent, supplied DMB head-end systems for mobile TV to RAPA.
    This Korean Radio Promotion Association chose VDL for setting up mobile TV trials with T-DMB technology in several countries in the world.

    Since 2002, thanks to its competences and its expertise in digital radio, VDL has created a complete range of encoders and multiplexer,s including its T-DMB multiplexer for mobile TV.
    These head-end systems are innovative, easy to use and cost effective.

    Yannick ANDRE MASSE, chairman of VDL, says: “ We are very happy with this new contract, as it strengthens ours market shares in Asia. It is also very pleasant that VDL was chosen as an effective partner to boost the promotion of T-DMB for mobile TV in the world”.

    Several countries want to start Mobile TV trials with the T-DMB standard.
    This technology, used in South Korea since several years, revealed to be the most efficient and cost effective for the broadcasting of mobile TV programs.

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